Thursday, May 27, 2010

You'd Have To Walk A Thousand Miles. In My Shoes Just To See What Its Like To Be Me.

Wow almost one year,
then it all ends.

I dont understand what happened, i really wish i did though. Life was okay for once since labor day of last year... then i go and be a bitch and everything is down the toilet.

Now youre dating her and im dating him, it just doesnt feel right. I dont love him like i love you. Yes i still love you so much, i would kill to have you back right now.

But i understand, im moving and i bitch to much. So i guess we are better off.

You will always be my one true love though, i wont be able to ever love someone like i did you.

I love you bye.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shawtys Like A Melody In My Head

Hm. 10 months.
My new/old obsession:
Change? Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, January 31, 2010

As Those Dotted Lines Move Faster, We'll Watch The Night Turn Into Day. So Why Dont We Runaway?

A good daughter post new blogs on your blogs when you dont sign out.
A good daughter corrects your most recent blogs because she knows you arent very smart when it comes to the music in your head.
A good daughter goes on your blog and keeps refreshing the page so it looks like people read it ;)
A good daughter stands by your bed while you are sleeping and breathes very loud till you wake up and scream.
A good daughter pretends she is listening.
A good daughter is already looking for which "Special Place" you are going to when your old.
A good daughter figures out how she is going to smuggle wine and chocolate to the special place.
A good daughter kidnaps a real friend and Johnny Depp and brings them to the special place too.
A good daughter thinks you should get your nose pierced, you'll look good I promise
A good daughter reminds you how old you are every day so when you go to buy wine and the people ask you how old you are you dont have to think :P

You wish i loved you mom... you wish ;)